How to book is a easy-to-book online platform, allow you to check real-time rates, availability and itinerary of all Halong Bay cruises. If you still confuse with how our system work, take a look at our detail guide on how to book below. 

Step 1: Choose your cruise

Firstly, you could consider that a Halong Bay cruise is like a floating hotel in the sea, with cabins (rooms), restaurants, a spa, etc. As a result, you could find tons of cruises in Halong Bay with different prices, itineraries, and standards of service, just like any accommodations on the land.

Understand that has selected hundreds of cruises and categorized them into different categories for you to choose from.


Choose the cruises by budget

If you’re looking for an excellent experience in Halong Bay while still staying within your budget, look at our budget-based categories:

Choose the cruise by route

Halong Bay is a huge area, and it’s kind of difficult to cover the entire area within just a few days. That’s why it’s a hard decision, but you’ll have to choose from one of the three routes for your overnight cruise in Halong:

If you’re still confused about which cruises to choose, let’s help other travelers guide you with our best-selling cruises collection

Best-selling cruises


Step 2: Check Availability

After choosing your cruises, you could read all about your dream cruises on our page. It’s included a detailed itinerary, photos, inclusion, and cancellation policy.

Once you decide to go on a specific cruise, simply add some information in the “Cabins & Rates” section: date of travel, duration, number of people, and number of cabins, then click “Check Rate”.

Our system will automatically check the real-time availability and rate for you. Click “Book now” on the room type you’d prefer and move on to the next step.


Check rate

Step 3: Book transfer

This step will allow you to choose a transfer from your destination, either Hanoi, Ninh Binh, or Hai Phong. It’s an optional choice with an extra fee.

Choosing transfer for your cruises
Choosing transfer for your cruises

You could choose from various types of transfers, including bus, limousine, or private car.

Tick on the box, and will automatically calculate how much you’ll need to pay in total.

Step 4: Add contact and choose payment

After setting up your cruises and transfers, you could now review all the booking details once again. Remember to check our cancellation policy section to avoid any confusion later on.

check out step
Review all your booking details in Check Out page

If they’re all corrected, now it’s time to work on your information. Please be advised that your personal information will stay secure with us. Check out our privacy guidelines for further details.

We’ll need your full name, email address, phone number, and any special requests you may have.

You could then choose which payment type you’d prefer, including a 20% deposit or full payment (to get a free airport transfer).

Please be advised that you won’t be charged at this step yet.


Lastly, Click Book Now to submit your information.

Step 5: Meet our travel expert

Now, we’re at the last step, finally. After you click book, a confirmation email will be sent to your provided email address.

Our travel expert, on the other hand, will process all the details you provided to confirm the cruise.

After we’ve ensured that the cruises can accept your booking without any issues, our travel experts will then contact you either by email or Whatsapp to properly confirm and collect the payment.


Now that we’re all set, the only thing you need to do is pack for your trip. If you’d like further information about the bay, just access our Halong Bay information hub for further information.

How to book