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2023 promises to be a blooming year for Halong Bay, with the launch of many new cruise lines from budget to luxury.

Start planning your trip to this World’s Seven Wonder? Below is the best of what Halong cruises have to offer.

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  • Scarlet Pearl Cruise

    Destination: Halong – Lan Ha Bay –  Dark & Bright Cave

    Superb Early Bird Promotion – Only $170/person

    From: $165
  • Crown Legend Cruise

    Crown Legend Cruise

    Destination: Halong Bay – Sung Sot Cave – Ti Top Island

    Private Balcony in all rooms

    From: $110
  • Le Journey Luxury Cruise

    Destination: Halong – Lan Ha – Dark & Bright Cave

    Private Balcony in all cabins – Only from $131/person

    From: $120
  • Hermes Cruise Halong Bay

    Destination: Halong Bay – Sung Sot Cave – Titop Island

    All rooms with private balcony & jacuzzi

    From: $160
  • Rita Cruise

    Destination: Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay – Cat Ba Island

    Free Kayaking, Private Balcony

    From: $145
  • Dora Cruise Halong Bay

    Dora Cruise

    Destination: Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay – Viet Hai Village

    Free kayaking

    From: $145
  • Arcady Boutique Cruise

    Destination: Halong Bay – Sung Sot – Luon Cave – Ti Top Island

    Superb Early Bird Promotion – Only $128/person

    From: $128
  • Amanda Cruise Halong Bay

    Destination: Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay

    All rooms with private balcony 

    From: $128
  • Velar of The Sea Cruise

    Destination: Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay – Viet Hai Village

    Free kayaking – 48m2 Cabins

    From: $135
  • Aspira Cruise

    Destination: Lan Ha Bay – Dark & Bright Cave – Viet Hai Village

    Free Kayaking

    From: $150
  • Hera Grand Luxury Cruise

    Destination: Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay – Cat Ba Island

    38m2 room with private balcony

    From: $120
  • Dragon Bay Cruise

    Destination : Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay – Dark & Bright Cave

    Private Balcony in all cabins

    From: $118

Our cruises collections are chosen solely by guest ratings. All of the cruises below are met with our standard of valuable for money, decent service and highly ranked on Tripadvisor. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is yes. A Halong Bay Cruise allows you to experience the night on a Unesco Heritage Site. The bay is calm, so no worries at all, even if you’re a light sleeper.


An overnight cruise also takes you further into the bay and lets you explore most of the famous attractions in the area. Its schedule also included many interesting activities such as kayaking, swimming, or snorkerling.


So if you want to make the most out of your time in Halong Bay, we strongly suggest doing an overnight cruise.


There are three most popular ways to book a Halong Bay Cruise:


Online: The most convenient way. Online travel agencies like offer a wide range of cruises, from luxurious to budget, to Lan Ha Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay. You’re also able to read verified reviews from real customers, making sure you’ll have decent experiences on the bay.


Direct: You could also contact the cruise directly for a direct quote. However, be careful with the fake websites around. The cruise operators tend to have a special quota or rate for travel agencies, so the rate might not always be cheaper.


At your hotel: Some people tend to book with the hotels when they arrive. This way, you can sometimes get a cheaper price. However, the good cruises tend to be fully booked quite early in advance, so this might not be the best option if you’re looking for a reputable cruise.

The cruises normally start their journey from Tuan Chau Marina at 12:00–12:30. It’s usually returned to the same marina at 11:30–12:00 on the last day of your itinerary.


If you book a package with a transfer from Hanoi, they’ll start picking you up at 7:45–8:30. You’ll be back to your hotel by 14:00–15:00 on the last day.


Notes: We strongly suggest booking a flight after at least 17:30 if you plan to do a same-day flight.

The price may vary depending on the length of your trip and the type of cruise.


For a 2-day, 1-night itinerary, a budget cruise might cost you 105–120 USD; a mid-range cruise rate is from 120–140 USD; and above 140 USD for a luxury cruise.


The price for 3 days and 2 nights will be twice as much as 1 night.


These rates normally include everything on board, like meals, activities, cabins, entrance tickets, etc.


Please kindly check the “Inclusions” section of each cruise for further details.

Miroslav V
Miroslav V
Read More
Nice bay with many small islands and beaches. Many locals are living in their houses on the water doing fishing for living. I recommend to buy a boat cruise for one day going around the islands.
Field J
Field J
Read More
I’d a wonderful time in Lan Ha bay and also Catba island to escape the crowded region. Junks are a great option to examine the azure lagoon and karst mountains
Tom H
Tom H
Read More
A great place to spend a day (or two),highly recommended.Good swimming and Kayaking around spectacular scenery and through caves.