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1. Utilizing Our Platform


  • When accessing our website, users must be at least 18 years old or have parental permission.
  • It is prohibited to use any portion of this website for commercial purposes without our written consent.
  • Our website does not represent a particular cruise. CruiseInHalongBay.com is not responsible for the subjectivity of any user review.
  • It is recommended that you create an account before using our website. If you lose access to your account, you are required to notify us immediately. If these provisions are not adhered to, under no circumstances will we be held liable.

2. Booking approval


  • We reserve the absolute right to approve or decline any reservation.
  • We committed to providing transparent pricing and terms and conditions. If there are any errors caused by objective factors, we will contact you immediately.

3. Copying Rights


  • This website’s information, designs, images, source code, video, audio, and software are all the property of CruiseInHalongBay.com.
  • CruiseInHalongBay.com holds copyrights

4. Legal Rights


  • Our terms and conditions are governed by and based on Vietnam law.

5. Information Security


  • Our website respects information security and will utilize the finest available resources to safeguard your data. Your personal data will be encrypted.
  • You may not use any programs, tools, or methods to interfere with our website. We strictly prohibit the publication or support of any endeavors to disrupt our website.
  • Your information is completely protected.

6. Cancellation Policy


  • You are permitted to rescind reservations. Please review our Cruise Cancellation Policy on this page:

Please note that each product includes cancellation information.