Budget Halong Bay Cruises

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  • Golden Cruise Halong Bay

    Golden Cruise

    Destination : Halong Bay, Sung Sot Cave, Ti Top Island

    Luxurious design!

    From: $125
  • Booze Party Cruise Halong Bay

    Destination: Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay

    Party Cruise with DJ

    From: $86

Is a budget Halong Bay Cruise good enough ?


The answer is yes. Cheap Halong Bay cruises, like mid-range or luxury cruises, can nevertheless provide stunning views and an enjoyable stay on board.

The main reason is because Halong Bay has a very tight policy. Regardless of whether they visit Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, or Bai Tu Long Bay, all cruises must follow a strict schedule set by the local authorities. 

That being said, even if you travel on a cheap cruise, you will still be able to fully experience the bay in the same itinerary as any others luxurious cruises.

The second reason that a cheap cruise in Halong Bay is still a good option is that it provides all of the necessary facilities in good condition. You may find all of the necessities for a cruise trip, such as a comfortable room, air conditioning, an on-board restaurant, and large windows to enjoy the scenery.

Lastly, these budget Halong Bay cruises typically has fewer cabins. So, if you don’t want to feel crammed on board, a cheap Halong Bay cruise may be your ideal choice.


How we selected best budget Halong Bay cruises


We’ve done the research and analyzed the top budget friendly cruises after serving thousands of consumers. Our ranking is heavily dependent on 4 criterias:

1. These cruises are in decent condition

2. At least 300+ positive Tripadvisor reviews.

3. Cost lest than 120USD

4. Full amenities

Frequently Asked Questions

Out of more than 1000 cruises in Halong Bay, these 3 below are the cheapest but come with excellent service and quality: 


Cruise name 2 days 1 night 3 days 2 nights
Crown Legend Cruise Only from 105USD/person Only from 210USD/person
Fantasea Cruise Only from 100USD Only from 200USD
Amanda Cruise Only from 105USD/person Only from 210USD/person


*The rate is included most of everything on boards, except only drinks and tips.

*You might also get a cheaper deal if you travel from May to Sep, which are off-season months

Budget  cruises will travel like any others luxurious ones in Halong Bay.

Most of them offer 3 schedules: 

  • Day trip
  • 2 days 1 night
  • 3 days 2 nights
Miroslav V
Miroslav V
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Nice bay with many small islands and beaches. Many locals are living in their houses on the water doing fishing for living. I recommend to buy a boat cruise for one day going around the islands.
Field J
Field J
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I’d a wonderful time in Lan Ha bay and also Catba island to escape the crowded region. Junks are a great option to examine the azure lagoon and karst mountains
Tom H
Tom H
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A great place to spend a day (or two),highly recommended.Good swimming and Kayaking around spectacular scenery and through caves.