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Below, we explain how we get and use your personal information, as well as our promise to keep it safe.

1. Data collection:
- In order to fulfil your purchase and send you notifications, we collect, store, and process your personal information.Here are some of the types of data we will collect: name, birth date, email address, physical address, and phone number
- Your information will only be used for purchase purposes.
- We will preserve your reservation and restrict access to it to when you are logged in.
- Your information would also be used for market research. However, the details would be obscured. You have the absolute right to decline at any time.

2. Safeguarding data:
- We shall employ reasonable measures to prevent unauthorised access to your data.
- Your payment information will not be sent to anyone through email.
- Your data is protected. Nevertheless, we will comply with any request from local authorities.

3. Customer Privileges: 
- You have complete permission to request access to your date. You may request that we cease using your data at any time.

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