Lan Ha Bay Cruises

Lan Ha Bay, located in the south of Ha Long Bay, is a hidden treasure with spectacular natural beauty and sandy beach. The bay, unlike its more famous neighbor Halong Bay, is less congested and provides a calm getaway from the rush and bustle of city life. Taking a cruise is one of the greatest ways to explore this amazing area.

However, choosing the ideal Lan Ha Bay cruise might be difficult with plenty of options. We’ve put up a complete guide to Lan Ha Bay and the best cruises in their range to help you arrange your perfect trip.

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  • Scarlet Pearl Cruise

    Destination: Halong – Lan Ha Bay –  Dark & Bright Cave

    Superb Early Bird Promotion – Only $170/person

    From: $165
  • Le Journey Luxury Cruise

    Destination: Halong – Lan Ha – Dark & Bright Cave

    Private Balcony in all cabins – Only from $131/person

    From: $120
  • Rita Cruise

    Destination: Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay – Cat Ba Island

    Free Kayaking, Private Balcony

    From: $145
  • Dora Cruise Halong Bay

    Dora Cruise

    Destination: Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay – Viet Hai Village

    Free kayaking

    From: $145
  • Velar of The Sea Cruise

    Destination: Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay – Viet Hai Village

    Free kayaking – 48m2 Cabins

    From: $135
  • Aspira Cruise

    Destination: Lan Ha Bay – Dark & Bright Cave – Viet Hai Village

    Free Kayaking

    From: $150
  • La Casta Cruise

    La Casta Cruise Halong Bay

    Destination: Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay

    All rooms with private balcony 

    From: $141
  • Stellar of The Seas Cruise

    Departure Port: Tuan Chau Marina, Halong city

    Free kayaking

    From: $225
  • Erina Cruise Halong Bay

    Destination: Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay – Cat Ba Island

    38m2 room with private balcony

    From: $142
  • Doris Cruise Halong Bay

    Destination: Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay – Viet Hai Village

    Free kayaking – Private Balcony Cabin

    From: $145
  • Sena Cruise

    Destination: Halong – Lan Ha Bay – Cat Ba Island

     2023 promotion – Only $130/person with free kayaking!

    From: $134
  • Rosa Cruise

    Rosa Cruise Halong Bay

    Destination: Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay

    All rooms with private balcony 

    From: $145

Why taking a Lan Ha Bay Cruise? 




It’s less touristy


Halong Bay and its extension, Lan Ha Bay, are both popular tourist sites in Vietnam. While they share many characteristics, Lan Ha Bay is growing in popularity among travelers looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience. The bay, which is usually overshadowed by its neighbor Halong Bay, attracts fewer tourists each year.

As a results, travel with a Lan Ha Bay cruise allow you to fully immersed in nature and enjoy numerous activities such as swimming, tai chi, kayaking, and attend cooking class without worrying about the crowded.


Lan Ha Bay Cruises are newer


Lan Ha Bay has only recently gained popularity. That’s why, the cruises that travel the Lan Ha routes are entirely new. These cruises are large and luxurious, with modern facilities like air conditioning, private toilets, and Wi-Fi. One unique feature that most Lan Ha Bay cruises provide is a private balcony, allowing you to completely enjoy the breathtaking views without leaving your cabin.

Not only that, but the cruise crew is pleasant and professional, ensuring that your time on board is nothing short of extraordinary.


Travel to destinations others can’t


Lan Ha Bay, offers destinations that other routes do not. Traveling on a Lan Ha Bay Cruise, you can do kayaking on famous Dark and Bright Cave, swim at Ba Trai Dao Beach, or simply ride a bicycle around Viet Hai Village on Cat Ba Island.

You’re also could find plenty of cultural activities during a Lan Ha Bay Cruise. Visit fishing village or learning about daily local life at floating village are just some of many.

There’re also some hidden gems likes Ao Ech area or Trung Trang Cave. However, not many cruises have these on their schedules, so make sure to check with your operators.



Frequently Asked Questions

You should think about the places you want to see and the amount of time you have when choosing the port from which your Lan Ha Bay cruise will depart.

If you want to see more destinations in a shorter amount of time, a Lan Ha Bay Cruise from Hanoi is perhaps the better option. Cruise operators typically offer a package that includes transportation from Hanoi to Tuan Chau Marina in Halong City. Departing from there, you’ll get the opportunity to visit part of Halong Bay on your trip to Lan Ha Bay. This way, you may experience two great locations in a single trip.

A cruise departs from Cat Ba Island, on the other hand, is ideal for those who prefer to take things slowly. However, the majority of Cat Ba Island’s cruises are day cruises that are relatively old. If you’re interested in this option, go to Gia Luan Port on Cat Ba Island and purchase a ticket there. Remember that this option only travel to Lan Ha Bay.

When packing for a Lan Ha Bay Cruise, the most important items to bring are comfortable clothing, swimwear, and sunscreen. If you travel during winter months (November to Feb), you may also need to pack a light jacket or sweater to keep warm during cooler evenings.

 Typically, each cruise provides 1 – 2 bottles of water for free every day, and you will not be allowed to bring your own drinks. So, if you want to stay hydrated, bring some money (the drinks on board are a little pricy).

It is also recommended that you bring a camera or smartphone with enough of storage capacity for photos and videos in order to make the most of your trip. Prepare some waterproof protection for them, as you will be doing a lot of water-based activities.

Finally, remember to bring any medications or toiletries you might need while away from home.

The cost of a Lan Ha Bay cruise varies according to the type of boat and the length of the trip. A day trip on a traditional junk boat usually costs around $50 USD per person, whereas a 2 days 1 night on a larger cruise might cost between $100 and $150 USD per person, including all meals, activities, and some even providing a transfer from/to Hanoi.

There are more expensive options available if you want luxury. Some cruises, for example, provide luxurious services and facilities such as minigolf, a seasonal jacuzzi, or a fine dining restaurant. These trips are typically more expensive, ranging from $200 to $300 USD per person.

The cost for a 3 days 2 nights in a Lan Ha Bay Cruise would be twice the price of a 1 night trip.

Normally, Lan Ha Bay Cruise operators offers a package with transfer from Hanoi included. These transfers will pick you up from your hotel and take you back later on. 

Besides, there’re some others options to get to Lan Ha Bay.

Please kindly reference our complete guide about getting to Lan Ha Bay here:


The cheapest Lan Ha Bay cruise is La Pandora Cruise. The cost for 2 days 1 night itinerary is only from 125usd per person and 2 nights trip is start from 250USD per person. 

These rates are included all meals board, activities and rooms. 

Miroslav V
Miroslav V
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Nice bay with many small islands and beaches. Many locals are living in their houses on the water doing fishing for living. I recommend to buy a boat cruise for one day going around the islands.
Field J
Field J
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I’d a wonderful time in Lan Ha bay and also Catba island to escape the crowded region. Junks are a great option to examine the azure lagoon and karst mountains
Tom H
Tom H
Read More
A great place to spend a day (or two),highly recommended.Good swimming and Kayaking around spectacular scenery and through caves.