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Unlike the bustling streets of Hanoi, Halong Bay provides a calm and tranquil atmosphere, free from the noise and chaos of honking horns and hectic traffic. Additionally, being located near the beach make traveling around Halong a relaxing experience of appreciating the stunning Bay, while also enjoying a cool breeze to calm your mind.

Here’s how to get around Halong Bay.




Taking a taxi is undoubtedly the go-to option for exploring Halong Bay, especially for tourists who may not be familiar with driving in South East Asia. Most taxis in Halong Bay are driven by the car owners themselves. That’s why the cars are of a higher quality and offer a more comfortable experience.

Taxis will mostly charge you by meters, starting from 11,000 ~ 12,000 vnd per km. Considering the distance between famous attractions in the bay is only around 6–10 km, the total cost is quite reasonable.

However, not all the taxis are good, and hailing a reliable taxi might be a bit of a challenge. If possible, try to ask your hotel staff to call you one. Grab (Asia’s “Uber”) is also widely used, with pretty clear prices and who’s going to take you.

If you’re hailing on the street, try to negotiate a fixed charge with the drivers in advance before getting in any car. The scamming drivers surely know how to overcharge you, even with the meters on.

Taxi in Halong
Taxi in Halong – Photo:



If you’re an experienced driver with an international license, then driving a motorcycle is a great way to fully enjoy the cool air of Halong Bay.

You could easily rent a motorbike. Dong’s motorbike, a reputable shop in Halong Bay offer for 100,000 to 150,000 vnd per day, including free delivery to your accommodation.

The price normally does not include gasoline, but you could ask the shop or drive to the gas station and fill up the tank yourself, which might take about 70,000 vnd~ for 3 liters and could take you for like 50 kilometers.

However, a drawback is that most of the motorbikes for rent are quite old. So try to get a manual one instead of an automatic motorbike. These manual motorcycles may be slower, but they will be safer and consume less gasoline.

Wearing helmet is mandotary when driving motorbike in Vietnam.
motorbike renting in Halong
Renting a motorbike is a good option if you’re an experienced driver – Photo: chothuexemay_halong



Still two wheels but without a motor, a bicycle is a choice if you’d prefer a bit of exercise.

The streets in Halong are quite flat, with hardly any steep inclines or hills. This makes biking here an incredibly relaxing and effortless experience. Especially with the opening of the new beachbound street, Tran Quoc Nghien, boasting a 4.7km scenic route overlooking the bay, biking has become an incredibly romantic way to explore Halong and immerse in the breathtaking beauty of the bay.

The price for a bike rental will be around 20,000 VND per hour. To hire one, you could ask your hotel reception or contact some of the shops below

Shop name Address Contact
Duc Anh Bike 223 Nguyen Van Cu, Halong City
Bai Chay Bike Rental Bai Chay Beach, Halong City +84 981 668 681
Halong Bay beachbound road
Halong Bay offer a scenic biking route – Photo:

Public Transport


When it comes to getting around Halong, public transport may not be the most ideal choice. The public bus is one of the very few options, if not the only one. These buses are not really meant for tourists looking to get around the Bay, but rather serve as an easy form of transportation connecting Halong with other areas of Quang Ninh province.

If you’re still up for it, not just for the sake of traveling around the bay, but for the experience itself, then we recommend going for Halong Bay bus route No.1. Departures are available daily from Bai Chay Bus Station to Van Don Airport back. The cost would be 10,000vnd/person. 



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