3 places to enjoy water puppet show in Halong Bay

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Water Puppet Show in Halong Bay

Water puppet is a special cultural show in Vietnam. It’s a showcase of the traditional daily lives of Vietnam’s farmers, from their way of making a living on the rice field to how they entertain themselves after hard working hours.

Since performing water puppets requires a large water Halong Bay become an ideal places to showcase the colorful of this rich culture show. Here’s 3 places to watch it while you were there: 

*These theatre are list under random order, not by their quality

1. Hoa Sen Water Puppet Theatre


Performing water puppet inside Hoa Sen Theaters
Performing water puppet inside Hoa Sen Theatre – Source: Nha Hat Hoa Sen

Hoa Sen Water Puppet is located right inside Halong City. The theatre covers an area of nearly 1000 m2, with a capacity of up to 500 seats at one time. Hoa Sen organized a special performance, combining 16 different local fairy tales with interesting stories about Vietnam’s culture.

  • Address: No. 46 – The 2nd Peninsular, Hoang Quoc Viet, Halong City (Google maps)
  • Ticket Price: 150,000vnd
  • Schedules: Flexible


2. Hoang Gia Water Puppet Theatre


Hoang Gia Theme Park
Hoang Gia Water Puppet Theatre located inside a Theme Park in Bai Chay Beach

Hoang Gia Theatre is located in Hoang Gia Theme Park, next to Bai Chay Beach, Halong Bay. It’s only 270 seats, with three schedules per day. The main performance lasts for 35 minutes, focusing on Halong’s stories, such as how it was formed, the origin of its name, or other legends about the bay.

Besides the water puppet show, you could also attend many other interesting activities in and out of the theatres, like a music show, a theme park, or swimming.

  • Address: Hoang Gia Theme Park, Bai Chay, Halong
  • Ticket Price: 150,000vnd
  • Schedule: 17:30 or 18:30 or 19:30


3. Yen Duc Water Puppet Theatre


Yen Duc Theater has an outdoor stage
Yen Duc Theatre has an outdoor stage – Source: DuLichYenDuc

Yen Duc is the furthest theatre from Halong Center. Unlike others, the theatre is located inside a local village with a background of typical Vietnamese countryside. Especially, all the performers are not professionals but the villagers themselves, promising to deliver the most authentic atmosphere of a water puppet show.

There’s no fixed schedule for the show, but mostly on-demand requests. That’s why you should contact them in advance to make sure that they’ll be there on the day you visit.

  • Address: Dong Trieu, Quang Ninh, Halong (Google maps)
  • Ticket price: 150,000vnd
  • Schedule: Flexible
  • Contact: sales@yenducvillagetours.com

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