What’s the closest airport to Halong Bay?

Halong Bay attracts millions of tourists each year due to its stunning limestone karst, long white sand beaches, and bustling cultural life.

Choosing the right airport to land at when planning your Halong Bay trip will save you a lot of time on the road. That is why we will explain the closest airport to Halong Bay in this article so that you can quickly book your airline ticket.

What is the closest airport to Halong Bay?


Cat Bi International Airport is the closest airport to Halong Bay. The airport is in Hai Phong City, approximately 41.2 kilometers from Tuan Chau Marina.

The airport serves many domestic flights from Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, and other parts of Vietnam.

Despite being the closest airport to Halong Bay, Cat Bi is not a popular choice among foreign travelers as there’s not many international flights land at this airport.  At the time of writing, this airport has just one international route. It’s the flight from Seoul, Korea to Cat Bi, operating by Vietjet Air. 

Cat Bi International airport is the closest airport to Halong Bay
Cat Bi Airport is very close to Halong, being only 50 kilometers from the sight

How to Get From Cat Bi Airport to Halong Bay


You can easily go to Halong Bay from Cat Bi International Airport. There are numerous taxi and bus routes available.

Buses are the most cost-effective option, but they take time. You must take a taxi to Lac Long Bus Station in Hai Phong City and then a local bus to Halong Bay. The entire journey can take up to 2 hours and costs between $12 and $15 USD.

A limousine may be a suitable option if you do not want to travel to the local bus station. Hoang Phu Limousine provides a route from Cat Bi Airport to Halong Bay every hour for only $15 USD/person/way.

The most direct route is by cab. There are numerous taxis willing to transport you to Halong for about $35 and $50 USD. The taxi ride takes about 40 to 50 minutes.



  • Cat Bi International Airport is the closest to Halong Bay.
  • Traveling from Cat Bi to Halong is easy.
  • If you are flying from another part of Vietnam, there are several flight options and timetables available.


  • This airport serves only one international flight.


Other airports near Halong Bay


If you struggle to find a flight to Cat Bi Airport from where you are, consider other airports such as Van Don or Noi Bai. These may not be the closest, but they have more available flights and getting from there to Halong Bay is not difficult at all.


Van Don International Airport


Van Don International Airport is the second closest airport to Halong Bay. It is located in Van Don, Quang Ninh Province. The distance between Halong Bay and Van Don Airport is approximately 50 kilometers.

Van Don airport is the sixth largest in Vietnam, with an area of 2,900,000 square meters. Flights to this airport are available from several provinces in Vietnam, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, and Nha Trang.

Van don Airport
Van Don Airport is built specifically to cater to tourists wanting to see Halong

Van Don operates international flights from and to Asian cities such as Seoul, Bangkok, Taipei, and Guangzhou. However, keep in mind that some international flights are not available on a daily basis.

From Van Don Airport, you can take a taxi to Halong Bay for approximately $25-$30 and 50 minutes.

Another option is to take the bus, which runs every 30 minutes during the day. The 14A bus goes between Lan Be Park and Van Don Airport.



  • It is Vietnam’s newest international airport.
  • Van Don Airport is located in Quang Ninh, the same province as Halong Bay.


  • There’s not many international flights.


Noi Bai International Airport


The most popular airport in the north of Vietnam and also loved by a lot of international travelers is Noi Bai International Airport. The airport is in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. It is approximately 147.5 kilometers from Tuan Chau Marina in Halong Bay and takes approximately 3 hours to travel by bus or car.

As the largest airport in north Vietnam, you may easily fly to Noi Bai from anywhere in Vietnam or the world. Throughout the day, various international and domestic flights arrive and depart from this airport.

noi bai international airport
Noi Bai International Airport is the main hub for tourists arriving in Vietnam

Located in Hanoi, the transportation hub of north Vietnam, there are numerous options for traveling not only Halong Bay but also Sapa, Ninh Binh, and Ha Giang.

Due to the distance, most visitors stay in Hanoi for at least one night before taking a bus to Halong Bay the next day. It will help you in recovering from fatigue and possibly jet lag from a long travel.


  • It is Vietnam’s largest airport in the north.
  • It is located within Hanoi, the transportation hub, which means there are many options for getting to Halong.
  • There are numerous domestic and international flights available.


  • It is the furthest away of all 3 airports near Halong Bay.


Would you be able to fly directly to Halong Bay?


The answer is yes. The only way to fly directly to Halong Bay from Hanoi is via seaplane.

Hai Au Aviation provides this service, which is rather expensive. It costs between $175 and $390 USD per passenger. You could view the lovely Halong Bay from above, therefore it would be worth the money.

Panoramic view from the seaplane
Panoramic view from the seaplane



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