Hai Phong to Halong Bay: How to travel in 2023

Many articles online explain how to get from a well-known city like Hanoi or Ninh Binh to Halong Bay. However, what if you wanted to go from the coastal city of Hai Phong to Halong Bay? In this article, CruiseInHalongBay.com will show you everything you need to know before planning your journey from Hai Phong to Halong Bay.


Hai Phong to Halong Bay distance


Both of the places are fairly near to one another. They’re both coastal cities in Northeast Vietnam that share the same border.

The distance from Hai Phong to Halong Bay is about 64 kilometers. It will take you about 45 to 50 minutes by bus or car and 60 minutes by ferry/cruise.

Hai Phong to Halong Bay distance
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Most popular way to travel


As they’re very closed, it’s not hard to book a transportation from Hai Phong to Halong. The 3 most popular ways are shuttle bus or limousine, private taxi and cruises. 


By shuttle bus or limousine


The Hai Phong – Mong Cai Highway (CT06) connects Hai Phong with Halong Bay, cutting travel time to only 45 minutes. Shuttle bus or limousine appear to be the most common mode of transportation between Hai Phong and Halong due to its affordable cost and convenience.

shuttle bus from hai phong to halong
All Hai Phong shuttle buses leave from Lac Long Bus Station

There are numerous options available. If you want to experience something authentic, daring, and, of course, low-cost, catch the shuttle bus. In order to do so, you must first get to Lac Long Bus Station to catch the bus. The total journey time could be up to an hour because these buses stop frequently to pick up and drop off passengers along the way. They will then drop you off at Bai Chay Bus Station in Halong City. One ticket should cost between 100,000 and 150,000 VND per person.

If you want to avoid hassle and enjoy a comfortable ride, we strongly recommend limousine vans. These vans have only 9 to 12 seats, so you won’t feel overcrowded. The seats on board are frequently modified and outfitted with modern and comfort amenities such as DVD monitors, massage systems, and even headphones.

hai phong to halong bay by limousine
Travel from Hai phong to Halong bay will be more convenient and efficient

Another benefit of taking limousine is that they could pick you up from any place in Hai Phong and drop you off at your hotel door in Halong Bay. The schedule varies, with one leaving Hai Phong every hour. Since it has fewer passengers and is more comfortable, the price of a limousine ticket is a little higher than that of a typical shuttle bus, ranging from 200,000 to 250,000vnd per person.

Below are some reputable shuttle buses and limousine companies for your references:

Duy Khanh Every 1 hour250,000vnd+84 962 482 444
Hoa Tien 9:00, 11:00 , 11:30150,000vnd+84 905 395 507
Hoang PhuEvery 1 hour230,000vnd+84 1900 10 85
Phuc Xuyen 18:35, 18:0060,000vnd+84 1900 67 69
Trung Thanh Every 1 hour250,000vnd+84 388 226 225


By private taxi


Due to being costly, private taxis are not always a popular choice, especially for budget travelers. It’s a different story if you’re travelling from Hai Phong to Halong Bay. As the two locations are so close by, the price difference between a private taxi and a local shuttle is pretty cheap. You can hire a private taxi from Hai Phong to Ha Long Bay for around 700,000vnd-800,000vnd per car. In comparison to the local shuttle bus, which requires you to travel to bus stops, wait for other passengers, and sometimes even miss it, a private taxi seems well worth its price.

Mai linh taxi
Try to call a big brand like Mai Linh when looking for a private taxi

However, choosing a reliable and trustworthy taxi might be difficult. Hai Phong City is quite large, and there are numerous scamming taxis in the area. Our advice is to call big Vietnam taxi companies such as Mai Linh, Group, or G7 via their websites. If you are unable to use the internet and must take an unfamiliar taxi, make sure to negotiate the full price in advance rather than relying on the meters.


Taxi BrandMain colorPricesContact
Mai LinhGreen~ 13,000vnd/km+84 1055
Group taxiRed & white~ 13,000vnd/km+84 24 3851 851
Sun TaxiOrange & white~ 12,500vnd/km+84 58 389 89 89


By cruise


Considering that they are both coastal cities that share a sea, taking a cruise is a more fancy way to go from Hai Phong to Halong Bay. In Hai Phong, there are two types of cruises that can do so: local cruise (ferry) and tourist cruises.


Local Cruise or ferry


The local cruise/ferry will connect Cat Ba Island in Hai Phong City with Tuan Chau Marina in Halong Bay. It may require some effort because Cat Ba Island is relatively far from the city center. If you can overcome it, the trip to Halong Bay will be well worth it. The ferry from Hai Phong will take you via two gorgeous bays: Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay, both of which have stunning karst formations and an infinite view of the emerald waters.

Cat Ba to Tuan Chau Ferry
Hai Phong to Tuan Chau Ferry will travel via 2 beautiful bays in the area

The local cruise has a capacity of over 100 passengers and can transport not only travelers but also their vehicles such as motorcycles, bikes, and even cars. Under typical weather conditions, there are 5 departures per day, with the first at 09:00 and the last at 16:00. It will take about 60 minutes to travel to Tuan Chau Marina in Halong Bay. The price is also pretty affordable, starting at 60,000vnd per person and increasing a bit if you go with vehicles. It’s also worth noting that you can’t book the tickets in advance and only able to purchase on site.


Below is the time table of the local cruise (ferry) from Cat Ba Island (Hai Phong City) – Tuan Chau Marina (Halong Bay):

Starting time
From Cat Ba Island07:3009:0011:3013:0015:00
From Tuan Chau Marina09:0011:3013:0015:0016:00
The trip will take 50 minutes


Tourist cruise


The most luxurious way to get from Hai Phong to Halong Bay is by tourist cruise. Unlike other modes of transportation, these cruises focus on relaxation by spending one night at Lan Ha Bay before travelling to Halong. On board, you’ll find everything you need for a peaceful night, including fully equipped rooms, a restaurant, and a sundeck for sunbathing. In addition, there are other activities on board during the trip, such as kayaking, swimming, and cooking workshops.

Tourist cruises will, in fact, start from Halong Bay. They may, however, offer pickup at Gia Luan Port in Hai Phong along their itinerary. These cruises will then sail along Lan Ha Bay and its features before anchoring for the night and going to Halong Bay the next day. The cost for one person may vary, ranging from 110USD to 200USD/person for a trip that includes everything from meals to entry tickets and a room on board.

If you have the time and budget, taking a tourist cruise to Halong Bay from Hai Phong is an excellent option!

Check out our top cruises offer a pick up from Hai Phong:


  • Dragon Bay Cruise

    Dragon Bay Cruise

    Destination : Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay – Dark & Bright Cave

    Private Balcony in all cabins

    From: $118
  • Rita Cruise

    Rita Cruise

    Destination: Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay – Cat Ba Island

    Free Kayaking, Private Balcony

    From: $145
  • Scarlet Pearl Cruise

    Scarlet Pearl Cruise

    Destination: Halong – Lan Ha Bay –  Dark & Bright Cave

    Superb Early Bird Promotion – Only $165/person

    From: $165



Some extra tips


  • If you decided to travel from Hai Phong to Halong Bay by sea, it’s better to check the weather in advance to avoid any delay, especially during summer months, from May to Sep. 
  • If you’re landed at Cat Bi airport, the best way to get to Halong Bay is by private taxi. 
  • Most of the staff and drivers in Hai Phong city can’t speak English. So it’s better if you could plan and book through website, via travel agency or at least, prepare Google translate with you.




How far is this from Halong Bay to Hai Phong?

The distance between Halong Bay and Hai Phong is about 60km. It's take about 45 minutues - 1 hour by bus.

How could I go from Hai Phong to Halong Bay?

You could take shuttle bus, private taxi or local ferry and cruises.
Shuttle bus should be good option for travelers looking for authentic experience and low budget.

If you prefer something more efficent, consider booking a private taxi cause these 2 places are not too far from each others.

Besides, another way to travel from Hai Phong to Halong Bay is by local ferry and cruises. These vehicles will not only take you to Halong but also explore the beauty of it.

What’s the cheapest way to travel to Halong Bay from Hai Phong?

Shuttle bus or limousine is the cheapest way to travel between Halong Bay and Hai Phong City. The cost is only about 150,000vnd (~7usd) – 200,000vnd (9usd) per person.

What’s the fastest way to get from Hai Phong City to Halong ?

Private car or taxi would be the fastest way. It’s take only 30 – 40 minutes to get to the downtown of Halong.


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