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Luon Cave Halong Bay

Luon Cave is a small cave located northeast of Bo Hon Island, approximately 13 kilometers from Tuan Chau Marina in Halong Bay. Though its small entrance doesn’t appear appealing at first, the hidden lagoon inside is the highlight of the cave.

Luon Cave is a creation of wind and sea water. For years, the combined impact of water flows and tides eroded the limestone slopes, carving part of the limestone into a natural cave that is just 60 m long, about 4 m wide, and more than 3 m high. As you get deeper into Luon, the fascinating splendor of the stalactites and stalagmites starts revealing themselves up close. This stunning “decoration” is the result of millions of years of natural sculpting.

As soon as you get out of the tiny water passage, you’ll see a quiet and calm water valley bordered by beautiful, high limestone mountains. The water is so green that it reflects the beauty surrounding it, making you feel like a magnificent natural painting. It’s made Luon Cave one of the most ideal places to kayak in Halong Bay.

Luon Cave is also home to 50 wild golden monkeys, a beautiful breed that is quite friendly to humans. They frequently gather on the cave’s cliffs, and as the boat approaches the rock, you can see them climbing among the tree branches. If you’re lucky, you might make friends with these tiny “locals” when they approach you and ask for a small treat!


The tiny water passage
The tiny water passage/@a.r.t.lntc
hidden lagoon inside Luon Cave
Hidden lagoon inside Luon Cave/@eric0364
monkeys in Luon Cave
Friendly “citizens” of the cave/@eric0804

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