Luon Cave: A guide to the tiny gem of Halong Bay

Luon Cave Halong Bay

When you think about Halong Bay, you probably picture huge caves filled with delicate and stunning stalagmites and stalagtites. Despite its small size, Luon Cave remains stand out among them and continues to draw a lot of tourists.

So what’s make Luon Cave worth visiting ? Let’s explore with in this article below!


Where is Luon Cave ?


Luon Cave is a small cave located northeast of Bo Hon Island, approximately 13 kilometers from Tuan Chau Marina and 14 kilometers south of Bai Chay Port in Halong Bay.

Surrounding Luon Cave are many of Halong Bay’s beauties such as Turtle Island to the front or Heaven Gate to the right. It also shares its mother island with others  popular attractions of Halong Bay, including Sung Sot Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, and Dong Tien Lake.


The beauty of Luon cave


“Luon” is a Vietnamese word that means to drop or bend your head down. That is exactly what you must do to get inside this small cave. Don’t worry, it’s also what sets Luon Cave apart from others in Halong Bay.

Luon cave is a natural beauty created by two primary factors: wind and sea water. For years, the combined impact of water flows and tides eroded the limestone slopes, carving part of a limestone into a natural cave that is just 60m long, about 4m broad, and more than 3m high.

Due to the small entrance, large cruise have no way to enter, giving the impression that the cave is hidden from the crowds of tourists.

From outside, the cave look quite tiny and only able to explore by kayaking or small sampan boat.

Kayaking or riding sampan boat to explore Luon Cave
Kayaking or riding sampan boat to explore Luon Cave – Image Soure: Internet

The journey will be a bit of a struggle at first since you’ll always have to “Luon”—mind your head when sailing into the cave, especially when the tide rises. However, as the ceiling is so low, you’ll be able to appreciate the fascinating splendor of the stalactites and stalagmites up close. These stunning stalactites and stalagmites are the result of millions of years of natural sculpting. and stalagmites are the result of millions of years of natural sculpting.

That’s not the end of the surprise. As soon as you come out of the cave, you’ll see a huge green valley bordered by beautiful high limestone mountains. In limestone mountains, there are many old trees and undisturbed plant species, which blanket the area in green. The clean water lake below reflects the images of clouds, rocks, and plants above it, transforming the entire scene into a romantic painting.

Golden Monkey of Luon Cave
Golden Monkeys in Luon Cave – @internet

Luon is also a home to 50 wild golden monkeys, a beautiful breed quite friendly to humans. They frequently gather on the cave’s cliffs, and you can see them climbing among the tree branches as the boat approaches the rock. If you’re lucky, you might making friends with these tiny “locals” when they approaching you and asking for a small treat!


Best time to visit Luon cave


According to others travelers, the best time to visit Luon Cave is from April to June. It’s in the middle of summer with perfect temperature for swimming if you’d like to jump in the clear water of the area. Besides, the water is calmer and quieter, making it easier to explore the cave by kayak, even if you’re not an experienced kayaker. 


How to get there


As Luon Cave is in the middle of Halong Bay, the only way to explore it is by cruise. There’ll be 2 options for you to choose:


By day boat

Day boat is the ideal option if you don’t have much time. From Tuan Chau Marina, you could buy a ticket for Halong Bay route No.2. It will take you to not only Luon cave, but also pay a visit to Sung Sot, Ti Top, and Ba Hang fishing village.


  • Entrance fee: 290,000vnd per person
  • Boat renting: 200,000vnd per person for 6 hours
  • Kayaking or sampan boat renting: 30,000vnd – 50,000vnd per person 
    Total: 520,000vnd (22usd) ~ 540,000vnd (23usd)


By Overnight cruise

This is the most popular options among travelers. Thanks to its ideal location, Luon Cave normally chosen as a stop for kayaking and swimming by overnight cruises during their routes visiting Halong Bay.

Besides visiting Luon Cave and others sights in Halong Bay, the overnight cruises will offer an all included package with rooms on board, meals and tons of activites.

The prices for these package might range from 120USD – 165USD, depend on the cruise you take. You might check out our collection of the cruise which visit Luon Cave here.


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