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Are you planning a food tour Hanoi but have no idea what to enjoy? Don’t worry, as all the information needed is waiting for discovery in this post. Check it out!


Hanoi city is not only famous for its long cultural history but also attracts tourists with its traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Going on a food tour Hanoi is a great idea for tourists to experience Hanoi cuisine.

If you are looking for a full and detailed guideline for Hanoi food tour traveling, this blog is for you! Our article will provide you with a dozen of dish that can make the journey more wonderful. Scroll down to discover the list under the most comprehensive insight!

Food Tour Hanoi- What Dishes Shouldn’t You Miss?

We’ve helped you prepare a list of signature dishes for the most memorable and successful food tour that you can’t miss when coming to the capital city. If you wonder what they are, scroll down to find out!

Banh Mi- Vietnamese Sandwich

Vietnamese sandwich originated in France, but the Vietnamese have created it into a more” Vietnamese” version. The outer shell is crispy and thin, enclosing the fragrant and soft bread.

Source: Flickr

This dish’s filling consists of a mixture of pâté, sausage, eggs, pork, and other familiar herbs (such as carrots, sliced cucumber, and coriander). Depending on the store, the recipe for making bread filling will differ.


A bowl of pho includes pho (a type of Vietnamese white noodle) and a broth made with various recipes depending on the restaurant. The most popular recipe includes beef, chicken, bean sprouts, herbs, chili, lemon, and dozens of other seasonings.

Source: Flickr

Nem Cua Be- Crab Spring Rolls

Crab spring rolls often appear as a canapé in vermicelli dishes and can even be served in combination with the broth of bun cha.

This dish consists of shrimp/crab, wood ear, pork, and herbs rolled into small bars with rice paper rolls. Normally, people will fry them and cut them into smaller pieces.

Source: AmBeauty

Cha Ca (Turmeric Fish With Dill)

Ingredients for Cha Ca include white fish (such as tilapia, mandarin, etc.) marinated with spices and herbs such as ginger, cumin, garlic, and chili. They are then fried until the outer crust turns golden brown.

People usually serve Cha Ca with rice, but it will be better if you choose noodles as a side dish. Please mix it with rice noodles, sliced ​​horn chili, scallions, parsley, and dipping sauce to enjoy it most deliciously.

Banh Gio (Fried Dumplings)

Banh Gio makes visitors remember because of its delicious taste from its filling. This filling includes wood ear, boiled quail eggs, minced pork, shredded noodles, and other rich spices.

Source: Halo Travel

People wrap spring rolls into a triangular block wrapped with banana leaves. Before enjoying this dish, you should prepare an extra bowl of dipping sauce, including fish sauce, lemon, garlic, and chopped chili.

Bun Thang (Rice Vermicelli with Egg, Chicken, Pork)

Bun Thang is a great combination of Hanoi vermicelli, pork, chicken, and omelet. Accompanying dishes include herbs, shrimp paste, spring rolls, and dumplings made from dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, and chicken.

Mien Xao Luon- Deep-Fried Eel & Glass Noodles

A bowl of glass noodles combined with deep-fried eel is a popular dish at restaurants in Hanoi. It attracts visitors with its rich flavors from eel, pork, cassava rice noodle, and herbs such as shiitake, cilantro, and bean sprouts.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How To Take A Hanoi Food Tour?

Hanoi’s road system is quite complicated, including countless large roads and small streets and nooks and crannies. Therefore, we recommend a motorbike as it is the most convenient means of transportation in this case.

Motorcycle rental locations in Hanoi are diverse with extremely budget-friendly prices. So, find a motorbike and start your food tour now!

The Bottom Line

Taking a food tour Hanoi is a great way to fully enjoy the beauty of the typical culinary culture of Vietnam’s capital city. With the article above, we are pleased to help you have more information about the famous dishes that you cannot miss during this trip to Hanoi.

Now, it’s time to plan and decide the dates for your food tour! Hope you will have a good experience on this trip. See you in the next posts!

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