Ban Chan Beach: A serene gem of Halong Bay

When visiting Vietnam, no traveler should skip out on visiting Halong Bay. The area is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, captivating karst formations, and white sand beaches.

Unlike other destinations in Vietnam, Halong Bay stretches a massive 1,553 km2 in the Gulf of Tonkin. The bay is home to almost 2000 separate islets, some of which are still unexplored, even by locals. Ban Chan Beach, an unspoiled gem deep within Halong Bay, is one of them. In this post, we’ll discover this untouched beauty and figure out why it’s worth your attention while planning a trip to Halong Bay.

white sand in Ban Chan Beach
White sand in Ban Chan Beach – Source: Internet


Where is Ban Chan Beach


Ban Chan Beach is located in Bai Tu Long Bay, which is an extension of Halong Bay. It takes approximately 2.5 hours by boat from Hon Gai Marina, Halong City. 


Ban Chan’s unspoiled beauty


The name Ban Chan Beach translates to “Foot Beach” in English. The odd name comes from local beliefs that the beach is so pristine that there are rarely any human footprints in the entire area.

The beach is surrounded by massive limestones and several islets, giving the impression that the entire area is attempting to hide from the busy flock of tourists. Ban Chan Beach is poetically beautiful from above, with varied colors ranging from the green of flora and sauna to the azure of emerald waters. Not only that, but at the end of the day, the sunset adds a beautiful yellow to the ambiance, transforming the beach into a natural masterpiece.

Ban Chan Beach from above
Poetic beauty of Ban Chan Beach from above – Source: Internet

Because of its remote location, Ban Chan Beach is devoid of tourists and even locals. When there is no wifi or internet link on the beach, the area is the very definition of “untouched.” A trip to Ban Chan would be an adventure in pure nature and nature only. 


Getting there


There are no daily cruises or travel routes that stop at Ban Chan Beach. As a result, the only way to get to this pristine beach is by private boat or canoe.

You can hire a private boat or canoe to take you to Ban Chan Beach from Hon Gai Marina in Halong City.

Hon Gai Marina
You could rent a private boat from Hon Gai Marina to Ban Chan Beach – Source: Internet

Normally, it would take 2.5 hours one way and 5 hours round trip. In along with 1 or 2 hours on the beach, you should charter a boat for at least 6 – 7 hours. A private boat roundtrip with tickets should cost around 45 – 50 USD/ 6 hours.

If you’re looking for a way to travel to Hon Gai marina, take a look at our complete guide of Halong Bay transportation: How to get to Halong Bay in 2023

When is the best time to visit?


Ban Chan Beach is located in Bai Tu Long and has the similar weather as Halong Bay. The perfect time to visit this beach for the best views is between October and November. The weather is slightly chilly during that time period, but the sky is clear and there is little rain.

If you enjoy water sports such as swimming or kayaking, March to May is the best time to visit as the beach is hotter during this time of year. However, constantly checking the forecast a few days before your trip to avoid rain or typhoons.

Read more about Halong bay weathers and its best time to visit here.



Ban Chan Beach in Bai Tu Long Bay is a must-see for those looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure. Ban Chan, which has remained undiscovered by the tourist boom, is going to offer you with an unforgettable experience in Halong Bay, with its own tranquil and pampered beach.

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