Thien Cung Cave, Halong Bay: Travel guide (2024)

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Thien Cung Cave


Thien Cung Cave is a famous attraction located on Dau Go Island in Halong Bay, Quang Ninh Province. It’s about 4km from the Tuan Chau International Marina and the only way to get there is by boat.

The cave was first found in 1901 by a French explorer, but remained hidden for a long time until 1993, when it was re-discovered by a group of local fishermen looking for shelter during a storm. 


Getting there


The only way to get to Thien Cung Cave is by boat. From Tuan Chau Marina, you could buy the entrance ticket for “Halong Bay Route 1,” which included a drop-off by Thien Cung. The cost would be around 290,000 VND per person.

Besides, you’ll need to rent a boat to take you there. There’re 2 choices: sharing a boat for 150,000 vnd per person or a private boat for 1,500,000 vnd per 6 hours.


When to visit


Thien Cung Cave is a year-round beauty. However, I recommend that you visit during the dry season from October to April. It’s considered the best time to visit Thien Cung as well as Halong Bay, with a decent temperature (15–24 °C), little rain, and a clear sky.


Legend of Thien Cung Cave


The name Thien Cung means “Heaven Palace” in English, and it comes from a local legend.

The fascinating legend says that the place used to be the wedding palace of the Dragon King and his Queen. After the wedding, they live together in the cave and raise their princes and princesses until the Queen takes half of them to the south of Vietnam, while the King stays behind in Halong Bay to continue watching over and protecting the region.

The stunning staglamites inside Thien Cung are said to be the remnants of the luxury wedding.

Cave Entrance
The Cave name means Heaven Palace – Source: Internet




stalactites in the Thien Cung Cave
Unique stalactites make the place look like a heaven palace – Source: Internet

Thien Cung Cave covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters and is filled with beautiful shimmering stalactite and stalagmite. The journey through the cave will take you through 3 major “chambers,” each with unique yet stunning features.

The first chamber is the smallest one, with a series of stalactites and stalagmite. The second chamber will amaze you with its enormous size, including various thousand-year-old stones that resemble various shapes of animals, fairies, and gods.

stalagmites and stalactites inside Thien Cung Cave
Stalagmites and stalactites inside Thien Cung Cave – Source: Internet

The last chamber of Thien Cung looks like a sum-up of the entire cave’s beauty. It’s a harmonious mixture of natural lighting, crystal-clear waters, a pond, and stunning stalactites and stalagmite.

The visit to Thien Cung Cave will be just like its name: a walk through heaven on earth.

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