Me Cung Cave: A magic maze in Halong Bay

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Me Cung Cave in Halong Bay

Me Cung Cave, also known as the “Maze Cave“, is a fascinating natural wonder located in the heart of Halong Bay, Vietnam. With its intricate network of passageways and chambers hidden deep within towering limestone cliffs, Me Cung Cave is one of the most beautiful yet mysterious caves in Halong Bay.


Maze Passageway in Me Cung Cave
Maze Passageway in Me Cung Cave

The beaty Me Cung Cave


Me Cung Cave is located on Lom Bo Island, which in southwest of Ti Top island, Ha Long Bay, about 2 kilometers from Tuan Chau Marina. The cave, which is 25 meters above sea level, spans 100 of square meters. 

The name “Me Cung” translates to “Maze” in English, and this cave certainly lives up to its name. The cave firstly appear to be small and unassuming in the entrance, but once step inside you will find yourself lost in a maze of narrow passages that lead to hidden chambers.  Stalactites and stalagmites abound from the roof of Me Cung Cave, creating sculptures that light up the entire area with colorful hues.

Me Cung Cave
The entire area looks like a huge Maze

The entire 100m2 space is split by various stone walls and covered with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites with complicated structures that have grown over centuries. These natural structures arouse your imagination by taking the form of different animal like lions, and bears. Progressing to the end of the cave, you’ll find Me Cung Lake. The emerald lake is green around the years, bounded by towering rock formations that appear to touch the sky and separates it from the Bay. After climbing a few rocky steps, you’ll arrive to a view point built by the local government, from which you can fully appreciate the spectacular of Halong Bay. 

Me Cung Lake
Greenery Me Cung Lake appear at the exit of the cave – @Internet

Besides natural beauty, many historical marks dating back 7,000 to 10,000 years can be found inside Me Cung Cave. The Melania snail shell near the cave’s entrance is the most common find. The fact that this type of snail can only be found in the stream shows that people formerly lived here. As you move inside, you’ll notice a thick layer of cement snail shell sedimentary lying on the ceiling.

Aside from shells, local authorities claimed to have discovered various sorts of fossilized and semi-fossilized animal bones, which they believe were utilized during ancient Vietnamese Spiritual Sacrifices. These discoveries play an significant role in the study of early Halong culture.


stalactites and stalagmites in Me Cung Cave
Spectacular stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave – Source: Internet


Best time to visit Me Cung Cave


The best time to visit Me Cung Cave is during the dry season –  from October to April. During this period, the weather is mild, cool and pleasant with low humidity levels and very little rainfall. 

For further detail, take a look at our completed guide about Halong Bay weather here:

How to get there


As Me Cung Cave is located in an island, the only way to get into this beautiful Maze is by boat. 

Firstly, take a look at our guide on how to get to Halong Bay. Once you arrive tuan Chau Marina, you could visit Me Cung Cave by buying tickets for Halong Bay Route No.2 which will last for 6 hours.  This route will also cover other places such as: Sung Sot Cave, Ti Top Island, Luon Cave and Soi Sim Island. 

The entrance is covered by greenery plants
The entrance is covered by greenery plants

Editor Note:
As the trip is only lasted for 6 hours, boat owners tend to choose Sung Sot Cave over Me Cung Cave. So, ask them before buying tickets.

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